My Published Novels

THE JEWELRY BOX jewelrybox-216
A challenging senior year at a new high school teaches Jessa Meyers just what it means to be a genuine and true friend.
Jessa meets Catlyn, a beautiful blond who is used to being in control. The new friendship begins to raise questions that make Jessa uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Jessa is also attracted to Micah, an inactive boy in her ward—even though Catlyn warns her, “Stay away from him. He’s into booze and drugs.”
But as the friendship between Jessa and Catlyn becomes more complicated, something extraordinary begins to happen between Jessa and Micah. Her genuine concern for him as a teenage alcoholic is the beginning of not only a caring friendship but a means of life-changing hope for Micah.
Shelly Johnson-Choong takes us into the hearts of teens struggling with some of today’s most difficult challenges—like being true to our values when artificial attractions surround us. Using the image of a jewelry box, the author helps young readers see that no matter how beautiful a person may appear, it’s what’s in the heart that counts. An empty jewelry case may be very attractive, but if it remains empty, it’s not serving its real purpose. The Jewelry Box is an excellent story for teen and young adult readers, who are surrounded by fake gems and false beauty.
Jessa Meyers and Micah Stevenson have been close friends for over two years. Earlier, Jessa had helped Micah win his battle against alcoholism, strengthening him emotionally and spiritually. Now Micah is leaving on a mission, and Jessa is attending BYU-Idaho.
No, this is not a typical girl-waits-for-missionary story. Far from it! Jessa, in fact, falls in love with Connor Hathaway, a handsome returned missionary who is rich, smooth, and attentive. They become engaged, and from a distance, Micah sees Jessa slipping away from him.
But Micah’s problems are only beginning. Without warning, his father (who deserted the family years earlier) shows up on his doorstep in the mission field. He is dying of liver cancer, and Micah must deal with the sometimes bitter pill of accepting and caring for him.
As life gets more complicated for both Jessa and Micah, they must work through difficult personal challenges that threaten to devastate their lives. Clinging to the gospel and their friendship, they search for the hope and comfort that comes from a loving Father in Heaven.
A sensitively crafted book that will move and inspire teen and adult readers.
Jessa and Micah have known each other since they were seniors in high school. Micah, who was dealing with his father’s abandonment, had turned to alcohol for most of his teenage years. Jessa, however, saw Micah’s true spirit, and with her friendship Micah was able to overcome his addiction and serve a full-time mission.
Micah is home now, and the eternal bond that started out as friendship is blossoming into something deeper. Micah and Jessa are in love. Their conversations turn toward marriage, until one wintry and rainy Northwest night, four-year-old Zachary appears on Micah’s front porch. Who is this child that materialized out of the coastal fog? What claim does he have on Micah? These are the questions Jessa much wrestle with as she tries to unravel Zachary’s scarred past and her own emotion connection to this child that she views with trepidation and concern.
Follow Jessa and Micah as they search the far-reaching corners of their love in order to make room for the unexpected., only to find that real love cannot be fenced and often comes unplanned. As they expand their ability to love, they find that loves extends itself to them and all who will be surprised by its joy.
The halls of the local high school provide the backdrop for this novel that follows three average teenagers through the everyday struggles of heartbreak, friendship, and the discovery of spiritual truths.
Sixteen-year old Kody is impressed with Jimmy Lee’s ability to stand up for her strength. With the help of their friend Reenie, both Jimmy Lee and Kody find their happiness and peace that comes only from being true to yourself and to the gospel.
FINDING HOME FindingHome-216
Tye Jorgenson and Toni Chandler are on opposite poles of the church. Tye is committed to the gospel while Toni left the church years ago, full of bitterness and rage. When Tye seeks out Toni during a missionary contact their lives become entwined as both girls learn from one another. Eventually, they come to trust each other as they work through personal challenges that involve their families and the men in their lives.
When Tye Jorgenson is awarded the alternate position for the equestrian team at Oregon State University, she believes everything is in order; until Kyle Jensen walks into her life. Kyle is the captain of the equestrian team. Through their mutual love for horses Tye and Kyle find themselves drawn to each other. As they grow closer, Tye must come to terms with the fact that Kyle is not a member of the church. That reality forces her to face the painful truth that her mother is also a nonmember.
Toni Chandler left the church years ago after a bitter divorce between her parents. Low on hope and with few options, Toni allows the sister missionaries into her home simply out of boredom. Soon, Tye is visiting Toni as a stake missionary. Unhappy and alone, Toni first turns to Tye in anger, believing Tye has everything Toni ever wanted. But as Tye and Toni come to know one another, they come to understand each other and the challenges they must face.
FINDING HOME is a subtle and beautifully crafted story about love and acceptance between families, and the impenetrable bond between women that brings them together as they face their own unique life circumstances.
THE RIVER HOME RiverHome-216
From the drought stricken summer of the mountain west to the fertile, rain swept valleys of Oregon, Shelly Johnson-Choong uses the seasons of the earth to reflect the seasons of the heart in this anxiously awaited sequel to FINDING HOME.
Follow Tye Jorsenen as she returns from her mission to find everything as she left it in her western Oregon home. Trapper, her beloved horse, is waiting for her. Trapper’s caretaker, Kyle, has also waited for Tye. Has Kyle changed his mind about the church? What about his Olympic dream?
Tye admires Kyle’s dream but does not claim it as her own. She realizes that the very thing that has brought them together has also torn them apart. Leaving her beautiful Pacific Northwest home, Tye heads for Provo and Brigham Young University.
In spite of her new surroundings and old friends, Tye mourns the broken love she left behind. She longs to return to the green misty valleys and mountains of her western Oregon home. Can Tye mend her spirit and find happiness? Experience with Tye a riveting event of such bittersweet joy that it threatens all that she has worked so hard to build.
TO EACH A GIFT gift-180
This motivational talk, ideal for teenagers as well as adults, examines the importance of finding our unique gifts or talents – both temporal and spiritual.
By highlighting a personal tragedy in her life, Shelly Johnson-Choong shows that some of our most precious gifts can actually be developed during times of heartache and tragedy. She shares a talent developed during a time of physical trial and performs a beautiful flute solo.
This touching presentation will encourage listeners to look at their challenges with a new perspective and realize that failure may bring us one step closer to our particular talents.

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