Rules of Engagement: Comments and Use of Material

If you’re wanting to post a comment on “Waters of Peace”, please use the usual codes of courtesy in your approach. We don’t want any name-calling or profanity. Those comments will be deleted before they see the screen. Just remember to be respectful to all who will be reading your comment and who have already written theirs. This includes a healthy dose of self-respect, as well.
As far as use of materials, pictures with people or pets in them aren’t available for use. So, I ask that you refrain from using pictures of me, my family, (this includes Ace), and my friends. Landscape pictures are fine for use. Some of them I’ve taken, and some of them I’ve pulled from the internet.
If you want to use written material from “Waters of Peace”, I ask you to give me, Shelly Johnson-Choong from “Waters of Peace” credit for what you use. On the occasion that you want to use material from a guest writer, I ask you to give them full credit for their work, as well as the site, “Waters of Peace,” if you found it here.
Thanks folks!

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